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What Happens To All The Junk That Was Hauled Away?

So, you have some junk that you need removed. You schedule the junk removal job, the junk is removed and hauled away. But you may be wondering or asking, "What happens to all the junk that was hauled away?"

Not everything that a junk removal company hauls away always ends up in landfills. And not everything that a junk removal company hauls away is junk. In fact, lots of the junk hauled away can be diverted from landfills. If items are in good condition, they can be repurposed. They can be donated or sold. Thrift stores will often accept clothes, small appliances and home goods for donations. Bigger pieces of furniture can be donated or sold online or at a garage sale or yard sale. Many items from junk removal jobs can be recycled. Cardboard boxes can go to a cardboard recycling facility and metal can go to the scrap yard.

There is one more line of defense, at least for some junk haulers, between junk ending up at the landfill. Some junk removal companies do not take their loads straight to landfills. Instead, they get dumped at transfer stations or material recovery facilities (MRF's). Transfer stations or MRF's have systems in place that removes recyclable materials from the trash that is dumped at their locations. Some items that are separated from the trash can be appliances, paper, cardboard and green waste.

Unfortunately, not every single piece of trash or junk is repurposed. Junk still makes it to the landfills. However, lots of junk removal companies do their part to recycle, donate and repurpose what they can.


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