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Dumpster Overflow Trash Removal

One of the commercial junk removal services that DVGM Hauling and Disposal offers is dumpster overflow trash removal. Another service we offer is maintaining dumpster areas. This is often on a weekly basis.

At times a dumpster can get overfilled before it's time for the garbage truck to come out and pick up the trash. That's when DVGM Hauling and Disposal's commercial junk removal service comes in. We can come out and remove the overflowing garbage from the top of the dumpster as well as any garbage that has accumulated around the dumpster.

If you have a constant problem with your dumpsters becoming overfilled give us a call and ask what we can do to help you out or fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you.

Dumpster overflowing with trash
Dumpster with trash around it and a box spring

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