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How Much Is Junk Removal Service


How much does it cost for junk removal service?

Pricing for junk removal service varies depending on several factors. Some factors. not all, are:

  1. Job Location - Your city, county and state play a role in junk removal pricing. Disposal fees vary from state to state, county to county and city to city.

  2. Material - The type of material or items you need hauled away determines pricing for junk removal. For example, construction debris is generally heavier than residential trash. Typically, the heavier the materials/items are the higher the disposal cost.

  3. Accessibility - Having the junk you need hauled away in a big open driveway where a truck can easily pull up and load can cut cost down on junk removal services compared to the junk removal service having to bring down your items from two flights of stairs.

If you are in the San Gabriel Valley and would like to schedule a free estimate for your junk removal service, give us a call at (626) 598-2022.



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